A Haunting Halloween

This Halloween Kit was made years ago and has been retired for almost 8 years, so I pulled it out, revised and updated it and am going to offer it for download over the next few days leading up to Halloween.  I’d like to believe my work has improved over the years, and looking back at some of my older kits, I can see where there could be a lot improvement, so I hope I was able to make the right corrections on this fun kit. You be the judge. This will be available  until November 1st, when I will remove all the links.

This is only going to be available for a very short time, so grab it now while you can.


First part is going to be the Paper Pack. You can Download it by clicking on the image.


Here is part 2



and some elements.


Finally the house completes this kit. This kit will stay active until November 1st and I will be removing all the links.




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2 responses to “A Haunting Halloween

  1. What a fabulous collection! Thank you so much


  2. BCRocks

    What funky (and a little freaky) parts. TY so much.


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