A Little Survey!!!

Butterflies or charm? Which one do you choose?  The most out of 20 replies will be the next freebie offered.

If any of you visiting my blog would like to visit my store please do and look around and let me know what I can make to help my fellow scrappers out. I have been with Bonanza for a few years, but I do not get any traffic at all so I am going to close out my store hopefully by the end of September and try revamping and updating my kits and offering on my blog as soon as I figure out how to do that. I am not computer savy, so I am turning to my daughter for help in this area.  Here is one of the books I did from our last big trip. This kit will be offered at a later date. If you find anything that you would like to purchase from me, let me know and I can sent you the download links through email while I am in the middle of this transition.  Thank you all who have made such nice comments about my work. I just love doing this.



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5 responses to “A Little Survey!!!

  1. Hi Robin, first of all, you stated, “try revamping and updating my kits and offering on my blog as soon as I figure out how to do that” and I don’t think you can actually sell on the WP dot com platform…. You might be able to use an app, if WP will allow some script, but I think it strips certain scripts when you try to save them….

    Second, Bonanza is a paid platform, and quite an expensive one if I remember when I researched them last, and if you are going to pay a company like that to host your digital files, why not just pay for hosting with a good and helpful hosting company, and just add your own store etc….

    Bonanza doesn’t even give you your own storefront, but like Etsy and many others is a marketplace shop. If you are going to be sending customers their purchases on CD’s anyway as you state on Bonanza, you might as well work with a market platform that not only allows you to sell in their marketplace for free, you only pay a small fee when you sell. AND, actually gives you a stand alone website you can tweak and design to your own liking…. I am going to post 2 examples of my stores here, for you to see for yourself…..



    Both these stores have the ability to be attached to their marketplace for extra exposure, but I chose to only link the digital store, and the vintage store is basically used as a catalog shop…..

    Anyway, I would be glad to answer any questions you might have, or need help with in your transition.


    • Thank you for this info. I will keep you in mind should I need some help. It is kind of scarry too. Bonanza was not like it is now when I started with them. I could send download links through pay pal invoices, but it has changed so much I don’t like it anymore. Somehow I will do something different. Will check out your links.


  2. you can also check out my hosted website (only a few months old) where you will also find links to the 2 stores I built on my hosted platform.


    I bought the host because I wanted to open an actual store for my vintage stuff, http://treasuredscrapsrva.net/shop

    and then I thought heck, why not open another for my digital goods too,

    the only thing I have not done is connect my digiscrapcafe dot com domain to the 2nd store, and not sure if I will bother.

    Mind you also, I am an artist and website designer, not a programmer, so the 3 links I just posted were all created and designed by the front end software provided with the host package, not the back end coding…. hope that makes sense.


  3. Robin – You definitely need and deserve a better venue for your excellent designs! I am not a professional but I have checked out many scrapping websites. (In fact I’m going to check out Angela’s sites too!) I’m not sure what is involved in joining one or making one of your own. “MyMemories” seems to be the biggest one I’ve seen but there are so many more. Good luck with whatever you choose and I will follow you!


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